Toltec Numerology

The Wisdom of Your Soul

Numerology is a very powerful tool for you to use on your path to understanding yourself and gaining self-awareness. With the study and use of Toltec numerology, you will learn about your purpose, your soul and yourself.

There are many different forms of numerology that come from many traditions. Diane’s numerology is based on the Toltec teachings which she has studied for many years including Toltec numerology.

Numerology can help you with:

  • What your Soul came here to learn this lifetime
  • How you will learn what you need to learn this lifetime
  • Hidden strengths that you can uncover and use now
  • How to overcome challenges and weaknesses

The Toltec perspective is actually a study of universal frequencies and vibrations.  Understanding the frequency and vibrations bring a practical application of the art and science of the numbers to everyday life. It is an ancient art that is most useful in today’s modern times, to gain new awareness and understanding of yourself and your life.

Toltec Numerology Insight Special

In this 90-minute session with Diane you will discover your main three numbers: