Spring vibes…

Spring, finally, officially arrives March 20th at 2:37am PDT.

Numerologically today is #10 (3+2+0+2+0+2+1), a powerful and welcome vibration to usher in the new season.

In Toltec numerology the #10 means the start of a new cycle, impeccability and a warning not to fall back into old negative patterns.   The archetype is the Wheel of Fortune.

After over a year of feeling restrictions, limitations and navigating a collective fear of the unknown, a new cycle and the freshness of Spring are a welcome feeling.  One of hope and re-birth.

Spring is in the East direction of the Medicine Wheel.  The place of the rising sun, the place of new beginnings…a new day, a new cycle, a new path.

Spring is the beginning of a whole new cycle of the seasons, just as all of life moves forward through natural cycles.

Natural cycles of ebb and flow, waxing and waning, up and down.

The archetype, The Wheel of fortune symbolizes the turning of the cycles along with the duality that is necessary to grow and evolve.   The duality of motion and stability.  It is the hub of the wheel that gives the stability and balance to the motion of the wheel, so it can move forward.

Symbolically is represents the constant movement along your destiny path and the cycles you move through along the way.

The questions to ask yourself as you’re moving through life’s cycles:

How am I responding to the movement of the cycles?

  • Am I in balance?
  • Am I easily moving through them, without judgment and attachment?
  • Am I gathering wisdom, power through each turn?
  • Am I allowing each challenge to expand my awareness?


  • Am I caught in same cycle over and over again, refusing change, desperately trying to hold on?
  • Am I repeating the same limiting and self-sabotaging patterns out fear of the unknown?
  • Do I feel like I have no control over life?

The Wheel of Fortune reminds you it’s important to move through each cycle by being fully present. Intend each turn of the wheel and each cycle brings learning, growing and evolving.

Remember, you can use all the wisdom and power you’ve gathered in the previous cycles to propel you forward. Your knowledge, wisdom and awareness expanding and empowering you each step of the way.

The path then becomes a divine spiral, always keeping you safe and stable through the balance and strength of the hub.   Remember the hub is your heart center, your true-self and your connection to Spirit.

On this Spring Equinox, pause for a few minutes and embody freshness and re-birth of Spring.   Intend to reside at the center of the wheel, feeling it’s stability and balance.  Then allow your Spirit to flow free, moving you forward ease and grace feeling the joy that each cycle brings.

Happy Spring

from the heart