Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle

Gain New Understanding of Yourself

The Journey the through Medicine Wheel is a deeply personal journey.

The Medicine Wheel is a series of experiential Shamanic workshops on Ancient Wisdom.

You will gain new understanding of yourself and deepen your spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

You’ll gain power and awareness to heal wounds, release fears, and live authentically from your true-self!

You have a birthright!

This birthright is to powerfully participate in the great gift of life as the same force that created it!

You can do this consistently when you have a realization of your True-Self.

Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle

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The Medicine Wheel Program is designed to take you there in a way that has been working for thousands of years.

Throughout your life you have had a significant amount of experiences, typically categorized as “good” or “bad”.  As a person who walks through the Medicine Wheel journey,  you will come to know that all of these experiences are part of an adventure that leads back to your true-self.

In this program you will do the energy work, receive the rites of passage and instruction necessary to live as a conscious person of power.

You will interact in a new and conscious way with the great force of life of which you an important part.

The process you will go through in our Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle and the techniques you will be taught are ancient wisdom that has been passed down for generations.

In this in-depth one-year program we have combined the ancient wisdom of the Q’ero lineage of Peru, Toltec teachings, and the knowledge passed down to Diane Hageman from Shaman and mystic John English as well as other teachers.

Do you want to live with joy, wonder and awe?

Do you want to discover deeper  levels of yourself, life and spirit?

Do just want more from life?

The Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle will do that and so much more.

It’s a magical journey through the four directions that will help you step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

It’s transformational and empowering,

It’s a path of freedom…

And it’s a path with a heart. ♥

“There is no greater joy than to walk a Path with a Heart… a path, thrilled by the wonder of it all.”

The Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle program is designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

During your Medicine Wheel program you will move through each of the sacred four directions.

Your journey begins in THE SOUTH Direction.
The South work is about renewal and healing. It’s the direction of energy and power. To have a realization of your True-Self and embody the power of your birthright, you must first shed your social conditioning as the serpent sheds its skin. This is done mythically and energetically with the energy work and rites of transmission you receive in the South. This work changes your perception about your past, thus freeing you from it, so that your past brings you power and wisdom to stop repeating old patterns that cause suffering.
In the South Direction you will:
>Identify unhealthy patterns in your life.
>Explore and learn their purposes and origins.
>Shed the past & social conditioning that cause suffering.
The West work is about moving beyond fear and death.
The West is the direction of Space and Heart.
In this direction you heal your biological and karmic lineages creating more Space for your Divine Self and your choices become your own! When you have done the energy work and received the rites of passage in the West, you are able to consistently remember and use your true identity: that of Spirit. After the work of the West, fear transforms into awareness and death becomes transformation, and you use the true power of heart to navigate life.
In the West Direction you will:
>Move beyond fears & limitations.
>Transcend family patterns and let go of their burdens.
>Learn how to claim the gifts of power, releasing the limiting fears and negative patterns hold.
The 3rd Direction is The NORTH
The North work is about moving into the state of being where it is possible to master the physical plane. The North is the direction of Matter and Strength. In the North you join the Shamans, Saints, Sages, Toltec’s and Masters who have made the journey before you, back into the Totality of the Self. By the time you have made it to the North your perception has changed about everything, most importantly about yourself, and who you really are. This will allow for the strength that comes from fluidity of perception. With fluid perception you will begin to assemble your life with mastery. With the rites of the Masters transmitted to you in the North you begin wearing this world like a loose garment.
In the North Direction you will:
>Become much more than the many roles you play.
>Discern and achieve freedom from previous perceptions.
>Feel, know and embody the true essence of your Soul.
The final direction is The EAST
The East work is about claiming your freedom and moving into grace. The East is the direction of Time and Clarity. In this direction you will find freedom and learn to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit. You will remember to use your birthright of impeccable vision and take responsibility for how you assemble your life and your world. As you embark on the path of your destiny you dream the world into being with clarity, purpose, and beyond ordinary space and time. You will receive the star rites, become the mythmaker and take a hold of your mantle of freedom!
In the East Direction you will:
>Free old beliefs & identifications.
>Learn to spread your wings & soar.
>Create your life with peace and clarity.

Here’s how the program works:

The Journey

Your journey through the four directions will include online modules from John English’ s  Medicine Wheel Experience.  
Each module includes audio recordings of the teachings and PDF’s.
You’ll do each module in your own time and space and do the exercises when it best fits into your schedule.

Monthly Group Meetings

Then, bi-monthly you will meet for group coaching sessions in person with Diane.
Diane will guide you through the processes during the group mentoring sessions.

Deepening Your Experience

The program also includes fire ceremonies, Shamanic journeys, Spirit walks and other group gatherings to deepen your experience.

Meet the Teachers

What others say about the Medicine Wheel Experience:
"I have always had a history of restlessness at the soul level. So, I came to this practice after having previously explored the world in a number of different ways. Here I have learned powerful techniques through which I have experienced spiritual growth and manifestation that I never imagined possible. This is a healing and transformational journey through which I have traveled to previously unfamiliar depths within myself. As a result of this work, a new wisdom and connection are readily available to me. I am empowered with a deeper awareness, a heart opening, and a connection to love, to the Great Spirit and to all things. The journey does not end with the conclusion of the ‘wheel’ courses. Working with the four directions is a very practical and ongoing practice of beautiful techniques, working with energy, and a way of life!"
LL Sparks NV
What others say about the Medicine Wheel Experience:
"The Medicine Wheel changed how I view my world and changed how I interact in it. My integrity, my understanding of myself and others and how we interact, and my love of live have all increased. I have new tools and concepts that help me walk more easily through my life."
PL Reno NV
What others say about the Medicine Wheel Experience:
"My work in the Medicine Wheel has helped me with every relationship in my life. Things that used to bother me or cause me problems have slipped away as I have shed my patterns and programs. My interaction with friends and family has improved and become easier. We have also gotten closer. I have new tools that help me handle any situation and I am happier and more at ease with life. I would recommend this course to any one that wants to improve their life and grow spiritually." Thank you John and Diane!
KD Reno NV
Are you ready?
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Are you ready to step into something extraordinary and live from the power of your True Self?

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