Finding JOY…

Recently, I’ve asked quite a few people about having joy in their life.

And unfortunately, too many responded, “I don’t have much joy in my life.”
They also made the following comments:

  • “I wouldn’t know what Joy looked like, if I had it.”
  • “It would be too good to be true.”
  • “I don’t have time for joy because I have so many things I have to do.”
  • “Sounds good but I have no idea how to do that.”

Unfortunately, Joy feels elusive or unattainable–in part because of many limiting thoughts and beliefs.

It’s no wonder people have only fleeting moments of joy.

The things that they think will bring them joy end up leaving them feeling drained and unfulfilled.

In learning to work with the emotion of Joy, you’ll open a pathway to having Joy be a regular part of your life.

Joy is ignited by a positive and uplifting feeling, that comes from the Soul. It may appear as happiness, contentment, bliss, peace or some positive feeling.

Joy is the desire to live. It’s the passion that comes from your Soul to experience the fullness, richness and the wonders of life. It’s the desire to let your Spirit flow free and your heart to sing.

Joy is more present in your life than you realize.

When a positive uplifting feeling comes, pause and acknowledge the feeling. Open your awareness to the moment and be fully present in the moment. As it moves to joy, embrace and allow it … allow your heart to sing. This will increase the frequency of Joy in your life.

If your ego tells you, “you don’t have time for this” or “you don’t deserve to feel good,” realize it’s simply not true.

You always have time and you do deserve to have joy in your life.

Here are couple of examples of how I embrace and allow Joy to flow in my life.

I am truly a morning person. I usually wake up, with no help of an alarm, before the rest of the world stirs. My morning routine always includes enjoying my morning coffee.

In spite of my busy schedule and my ego hammering away at me that I need to get started, I pause.

I get fully present and embrace the joy of the early morning and the taste and feel of my coffee.

It’s also the moment that I use the power of my intention to allow my contentment and joy to be in the rest of my day.

In the Medicine Way, the Hummingbird is the archetype of Joy and the North direction.

As a Spirit Animal Guide, this tiny little creator ‘s power medicine is Joy. The hummingbird’s message is to drink directly from the nectar of life. To be in the moment and live from the Soul.

Take Hummingbird’s message to heart. Use the power of your intention, to drink directly from the ne

ctar of life and experience Joy.

Joy feels good and is a natural expression of the love of life itself.

To be in love with life is true joy … And you deserve it!


NOTE:  Please know that this information is not a substitute for mental or emotional health care.
If you are dealing with depression, deep grief, or anger, please enlist the help of a grief counselor, therapist or doctor.
Remember you don’t have to go it alone. We all need to reach out for help from time to time. Having a professional can help you move through what you’re experiencing more easily