Winter Solstice Ceremony-Rebirth of the Sun

It has been a very long and difficult year, so we will welcome the rebirth of sun and of the light with a virtual Winter Solstice Ceremony.

It is from darkness that our own inspiration, strength and life eventually emerge.  And in the darkness our own inner light is lit.

Join us for an online Solstice Ceremony to let go of what is not needed anymore.  Celebrate the power of your soul, with assurance that your dreams and wishes will come true.

At this ceremony you’ll open a conscious pathway to increase the amount of light, both inner and outer… with positive thoughts and love will surrounding now and for the coming year.

The ceremony will include the burning of a yule log, candles, bells, drumming, a shamanic journey, and song.

We hope each participant will help spread the light and the vibration by lighting a candle and ringing a bell.

During the ceremony as we light the yule log and candles, we invite each person to light a candle to spread more light.  Burning the candle both during the ceremony and to leave it lit into the first day winter. (suggesting the battery operate candles)

We have available at Earthe Energe small Winter Solstice votives with battery operated candles for participants to light during the ceremony.    We are asking a minimum of a $1 donation for each votive, with alll the proceeds going directly back into the community to help the homeless during this winter.

Energe also has available for purchase small bells.

Between now and the solstice, Earthe Energe will also be a drop off location for donations of blankets, warm winter gear, socks, and toiletries.   These will be distributed directly to those in need.  Both new and used are welcome.   They will be distributed directly to those in need.

So stop by Earthe Energe between now and December 19th to get your votive, bell and donate to help the homeless.

December 20th at 5pm

Zoom link— Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 826 9440 8005

Passcode: 463449


Dec 20 2020


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm