Shamanic Journey for releasing the old year and creating a epic New Year!

It is very important to release the old to make the time and space available for the new, and that’s certainly true of the old and the new year

As we come to end of 2022 and embark upon 2023, join us for this Shamanic Journey created to work the changing of the year.

Please bring a crystal to program your 2023 theme and intention into it.    The crystal can be any type—rose quartz, amethyst, clear, labradorite, any crystal that calls to you.   You can buy one from Earthe Energe intentionally for this purpose (The shop will be open for sales until the start of the journey at 6pm) or bring one you already have.  If you bring one you are already have, please clear it of any other energies and/or programs.

Please RSVP for this Journey by calling or texting 775-250-7756.


Dec 30 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm