Shamanic Energy Sessions for the Heart and Soul

Shamanism is one of the oldest and most enduring spiritual practices, found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day.

While bridging the physical and spiritual worlds, these shamanic practice and tools can be used to enhance every area of life. They’re available for everyone who has desire to live in harmony and balance, with themselves, others and life.

You too can step into this fascinating world and discover how these ancient wisdom practices can help you gain guidance, reduce stress and clear your energy field.

These special 30 minutes are only offered on two Saturdays each month, by appointment.

You get 3 options to choose from at the time of your appointment.

Energy Field Cleanse and Protection

Clear your energy field of any energies that cause imbalance and disharmony. Includes the removal of energetic cords that may be draining your energy.  This session includes a protection crystal and palo santo stick to keep your field clear going forward.

Chakra clear.

Keep your energy field clear from the lower dense energies that cause stress, anxiety, and suffering by balance the energy centers in your body.   This session includes a set chakra stones to keep your chakras at optimum balance.

Spirit Animal Reading

Find out which animal is available for you now and how to gain its guidance and assistance.      You’ll also learn how to go forward working with the animal and how to work these divine helpers, to continually receive their guidance and messages.      You’ll also receive a talisman of your animal that will help you deepen your connection.

30-minute session

Cost: $45

By appointment only.

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Dec 09 2023


12:30 pm - 3:30 pm