Harmonize Your Feminine and Masculine Power

A one-day workshop based on Shamanic and Toltec teachings
The feminine and masculine principals are the two forces
that create all things.
Men and Women of knowledge for eons have been studying
these powers, that are within you and all human beings.
They have discovered that when these two complimentary opposites are in harmony, your life will go much smoother.

A few signs that your masculine and feminine and principals are out of balance:
– Feel immobilized.
– Action in general doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere,
– You have tried several times to breakthrough on something and it hasn’t manifested.
– You are feeling anxious because of too much frenzied activity
– Aren’t sure when to act and are stuck indecision
– Feel uncomfortable receiving.

In this one-day experiential workshop you will learn to bring harmony to these powers to live in harmony with yourself and life.

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Aug 22 2020


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



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