Exploring the Fascinating World of Energy and Spirit

Classes to help you explore the fascinating world of Energy and Spirit to deepen your own Spiritual Path.  They’ll uplift you, inspire you and help you live a purposeful and “Soulful” life.    All classes are based on the Ancient Wisdom of the Toltec and Shamanic Teachings.

Upcoming schedule of classes

  • Sept 9th —Understanding how to see, feel and work with energy. Includes clearing and learning to keep your energy free from  lower vibration energies. Basic energetic protection techniques
  • Sept 23rd — Stopping the internal dialogue of the ego.  Stop the incessant mind chatter of the ego, to reduce stress,  create an inner calmness.
  • Oct 14th – The tools of the Shaman.   Part 1 Smudging, feathers, stones, and crystals.
  • Nov 11th~   —  The Tools of the Shaman     Part 2   Rattles, drums, pendulum, oracles
  • Dec 9th — Intro to understanding your Soul Purpose and Intent
  • Dec 30th -Creation through the 4 directions for 2024

The classes will be held on various Saturdays from Sept thru Dec from 1:30-3pm.   Following the class, there be a Q&A for specific questions.

Cost for each class is $33


Sep 23 2023


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm