Basics for Developing your Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts (afternoon)

(please note our morning classes filled up quickly, so an afternoon class has been created-links below are for the afternoon sessions)

Basics for developing your Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts

A 3-part series.

Over and over again people ask Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Coach Diane Hageman questions like:

o    How do I get started?

o   How do you see energy?  Have you always been able to see energy?

o   Do you see Aura’s-what does mine look like?

o   Did you always know this is what you wanted to do?

o   How can I know what is my Spirit Animal?

o   What’s the difference between a Totem animal and a Power Animal?

o   How do I talk to or ask for help from my Spirit Guide?

o   What’s the difference between a Spirit Guide and an Angel?

o   And so many others.

The one thing both the question and the questioner have in common is…

An inner longer and desire to know more about spirit, intuition and energy.

In this 3-part series, Diane will open a  door to answer these questions and more.

The classes will be held, on Saturday October 17th, 24th and 31st from 9am-11am

Class 1- “Discovering Your Own Spiritual and Intuitive Gifts”

o   Information about the major charkas and energy field.

o   How to develop your ability to see energy and what it means.

o   Using Spiritual protection-to keep your energy field clear

Class 2- Pendulums, dowsing and more.    

o   How to use a pendulum for checking energy and more

o   Gaining and understanding the guidance of the Universe

o   Learning to trust your intuition and knowing

Class 3-Divine Helpers

o   How to safely connect to with your Spirit Animals, Guides and Helpers

o   Learn to gain guidance and communicate with the divine being for guidance, comfort, insight and more

o   Assemble your own team of Divine Helpers


Cost $33 per class or

Prepay for all 3 only $75.00

A pendulum is needed for classes 2 & 3

Space is extremely limited to ensure safe distancing.   Must pre-register either in person at Earthe energy or online by clicking one of the links below.

Class 1-   Discovering and Using your own Spiritual Gifts 

Class 2–  Pendulums, dowsing and more

Class 3 – Divine Helpers

Series-all 3 discounted cost



Oct 17 2020


Class 2 & 3 are 12pm-2pm
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm