Closing out 2020

Within the ancient wisdom of the Toltec Teachings is an obscure form of numerology

I use this ancient art and science almost daily, to gain insights, awareness and guidance.  According to the Toltec perspective, numerology is the study of universal vibrations and are refer to as Jewel of Awareness.   Overall, a very useful tool to navigate life on here on the earth plane.

And of course, as each New Year rolls around, I look to see what the upcoming year’s vibration is and how I can align with it.

Numerology has always been a reliable tool for me, so I had some difficulty looking back at 2020 and understanding the numerological vibration of the #4.

I had great hope for this number 4 year with positive characteristics, of strength purposefulness dependability, clarity assuredness safety steadfastness and judiciousness.

However, 2020 seemed to display mostly the negative characteristics of things like, stagnation, dogmatism, intellectualism, frenzied, prejudice, restrictive, demanding, making impossible demands

Yet, as difficult as all of this was and still is—before we roll into a New Year, let’s allow it to serve a positive purpose.

Every challenge you face, big or small, holds a gift of power…one that comes from your Soul.  A purpose of inner knowing and empowerment.

So, now before 2021 arrives, take some quiet time, to see your gift of power.   How did you, and how can turn the negative aspects of the past year, to empower you and uplift all of life.

Step outside of the collective fray for bit… go within, ask your soul to show you your gift of power.

You just may find as stated in the Wizard of Oz, “you had the power along, my dear, you just needed to discover it for yourself!”

The power of your own strength, clarity, safety and stability.

Wishing you the safest, healthy and wonderful New Year!