Autumn Appreciation Challenge

Navigating our uncertain and quickly changing world isn’t easy these days…

You may find trying to stay positive through it all can also be quite challenging.

No doubt you always intend to find the good and upside of things.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at what’s wrong, rather than what’s right, what isn’t there as opposed to what is there.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

It happens because this is a time unlike any other, we’ve experience in our lifetime. Unsettling and uneasy to say the least.

And actually, it’s the quirkiness of being human, to first look at the negative.

However, focusing on what “isn’t” and “what’s wrong” drains your energy, causing more stress and struggle.

The solution?

A shift in focus.

Looking at things from another perception can initiate positive changes

Wayne Dyer once said, “When you change the way you see the world; when your intentions are positive and powerful; when you search only for the good, then your life transforms into the amazing adventure it was designed to be.”

Autumn is the perfect time to make this shift.

The vivid autumn colors and the changing leaves, reminds us to pause…

To see things through the power of appreciation.

So, I’m inviting you to join the Autumn 2021 Appreciation Challenge. A doable, practical and powerful way to change your perception.

Take a few moments each day, take a deep breath and reflect on the beauty all around you.

Intend to view life through the lens of appreciation for all you have and ARE.

The change of focus will transform the energy that keeps you from feeling good and enjoying life.

It’s recognizing the good in yourself, in your life and in the world. (Yes, even in the world )

The goal  to daily tune to the frequencies of appreciation. Feeling and allowing this positive energy to uplift yourself and those around you.

Each day, express, 3 things that you appreciate. You can write them down, speak it out loud-or better yet tell someone!

I recommend starting your morning by focusing on 3 things you appreciate. (A great way to set the tone for the day.) Yet, any time or throughout the day is good.

We’re going to start this Appreciation Challenge on Sept 21st. (6pm pdt) during our online Global Healing ceremony. I hope you can join us. (Zoom meeting info HERE)

Our focus for this month’s ceremony is the Autumn Equinox, being in balance and harmony. It’ll include a shamanic journey and mediation.

The challenge will be for the entire 90-days of Autumn. Autumn is the season of harvest and plenty. As we look at all the good in our lives, through the law of attraction,  it will bring more…

More abundance, more joy, more of beauty.

I’ll be posting, periodically  here on this page comments,  quotes, ideas and inspirations. You are welcome to share your thoughts, appreciations and comments there too.

We know that “as we heal ourselves, we help heal our world”.

Let’s all begin the healing with appreciation.

I hope you will join me!




    1. Today I am so appreciating my mentor–a wonderful place to go to gain clarity and harmony when things just aren’t making any sense. Opening up new doors of awareness and new knowledge! Also, so appreciate the the Shamanic and the Toltec teachings. The spiral of knowledge they hold is beyond words… fascinating, amazing and powerful. My self-appreciation today is wanting to learn, grown, and evolve–even when the ego uses it’s best tricks against it…lol. And Yes, also appreciate in myself and others, the ability to laugh and find the humor of being human!

    2. Appreciation for a new day beginning soon and the pre-dawn stillness to just be.

    3. Today (and everyday really) I appreciate the support and guidance of my mentor and of my allyu. I am deeply appreciative of the way that spirit moves through living things to allow us to mirror to each other and find greater lessons and healing, sometimes in the most simple of ways through something like the changing colors and falling leaves off trees during the fall or the many lessons from our animal friends. And for my self-appreciation, I am grateful for the piece of myself that pushes me through when I am afraid or overwhelmed or tired of trying, even if I don’t always appreciate it while that’s actively happening. haha.

    4. Today, I appreciate the cool Autumn morning, the warmth of my first of coffee. As for me, I appreciate my ability to laugh at myself and my doings. I find being human extremely humorous!

    5. Today, I am appreciating the feeling of deep contentment. It’s a feeling of inner peace and harmony. Usually I feel this way, but this morning consciously appreciating how deeply I’m in love with the Great Mystery of life. It’s quite fascinating and uplifting.
      Also, appreciating my sweet husband cooking a lovely breakfast this morning. Also, the four-leggeds we share our house with.