About Diane

Diane is a shamanic energy practitioner, spiritual coach and mentor, and numerologist.

Her own journey has included a lifelong study of spirituality and mysticism, which led her to the Shamanic and Toltec traditions — her true passion and joy.  These ancient wisdom traditions honor the Creator, the Earth and all living beings.

The beautiful and practical wisdom of these teachings, when applied in our modern day world, bring lasting transformation and a greater joy to life.

Diane has studied with many teachers throughout her life and career. Her in-depth study and training includes shamanism, shamanic energy practices, meditation, the Toltec teachings, Toltec numerology and spiritual coaching.

She has over 15 years experience and is passionate about guiding others through the wisdom teachings to make positive long-lasting changes.

Her coaching takes a spiritual approach to managing personal development, relationships, career and all life has to offer.

Diane fully recognizes that each individual’s journey through this lifetime is sacred. She is truly honored to be of service to those who want to live their life fully with wellness in mind, body and spirit, and guide them to their true essence of soul and spirit.

"When I received my Toltec Numerology work-up, I was very surprised with its content, things I had never considered as my life task. Then it hit me, yes! This was exactly what was going on in my life. What a marvelous thing to clearly see my current and past paths."
Peggy L Reno NV
"Two years ago, I began working with Diane as a “crisis client,” seeking her services in times of deep disruption and need. While she always got me right back on track mentally and emotionally, it wasn’t until my transition into her premium program that I’ve come to truly understand, appreciate and integrate the tools and knowledge of her teachings. Whether I’m seeking guidance and grounding in my professional affairs, love life or with health issues, Diane has never failed to empower me to face myself/challenges head on, tap into the greater spiritual energies at play, and develop a strategy for growth and change based on practical action."
A.P. Reno NV
"After exams and tests from my regular medical doctors which proved nothing wrong, I was sent home and told that I should realize that it is natural to have aches and pains, a lack of energy, fatigue, and episodes of dreariness and anxiety. However, this is not my natural state; something was wrong with me, I just absolutely knew it. I had come to the point of desperation, so I decided to give a session with Diane a try. In a quiet and safe setting, Diane guided me through a process that led me to identify the toxic issues at the root of my distress. I left with a clear feeling that something dark and limiting had left me. Now as days have passed, I feel my old self returning, I’m energized, empowered, happier and absolutely not so terribly fearful as I was. Thanks Diane!"
E.H. Reno NV