Autumn Equinox 9-22-2020 Balance and Harmony!

Happy Autumn Equinox Everyone

Today’s number is the #17 -reducing to a #8 #17 Means -discernment and the #8 is Balance Harmony.

Wonderful number to restore balance.
Here are two of my hand-outs for these numbers, using the Ancient Art of Toltec Numerology.

#17: The Star   

This is an important step towards a more conscious and active participation in the process of who you are becoming.

It follows the catastrophic event of freeing the spirit imprisoned in The Tower. A humiliating painful experience of a cherished self-image being blasted from its stronghold.

This is the calm aftermath of that storm, creating an opening to new awareness.

The Star Woman has opened herself up to all the world. She makes no effort either to hide her imperfections or to accentuate her positive features. Without shame or pride, she accepts herself, and the circumstances surrounding her.

She invites you to accept yourself and your any current situation in which you feel helpless. She urges you to begin to realize that such acceptance is necessary for change and is in fact necessary.

The rationalizations and defenses you have used in the past have hidden your true nature from others and from yourself as well. The energy you’ve formerly wasted in pretense and defense can now be used to observe the universe more objectively and to find your true place in it.

Life swings constantly back and forth between the opposites to achieve equilibrium. See your journey through life as a series of breakthroughs followed by periods of relative calm and integration. Accept the present situation as part of a meaningful design. One of necessity, challenge, and opportunity.

It is only through anguish and pain that the puny self-satisfied ego will be goaded to relinquishing its grip on your awareness.

Now, in this calm, natural setting there is room for contemplation and space for silent growth. A new vision of wholeness has risen from the depths and will soon be available to your consciousness.

It’s time to divide and sort out the newly acquired insights. Separating out the life-affirming from life-destructing.

Within each of us, buried deep in the unconscious, there lives a Star Woman or the Angel of The Star Woman. The rhythm of The Star Woman is calm, introspective, and feminine.

It’s here you will feel your instinct to live life and the equally powerful instinct to know life. However, if the ego is overactive, you may lose contact with her, symbolizing a shadow aspect of the personality.

When the ego is immobilized, intuitions are free to soar.

The card pictures an ordered harmonious world with all four elements of creation: earth, water, air and fire. The four elements have come alive.

This is new phase of development where you will ultimately combine and unify all experiences, to create a new world. It’s a decisive move toward integration.

This awareness is one of healing serenity and the tranquility of silent nature. “Silence is the inner space we need for growth.”

Your innermost dreams need to be watered, tended, and planted in outer reality. Nourish and connect with their potential that until now has remained hidden.

Give life in the here and now to ideas and dreams formerly held captive in rationalizations.

You are destined to shine in a way uniquely your own.
Bring your soul’s imaginings into harmony with your true nature to create a new reality.

#8 Justice-Balance and Harmony

Justice mandates balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

Hers is the realm of equilibrium. Equilibrium between the yin and the yang, the inner and the outer and the spiritual and the material worlds.

She sits facing forward between twin pillars of wisdom in perfect symmetry. Her sword of justice is held still with perfect precision, ever ready to cut to the heart of the matter. Directed skyward, a sign that all her decrees are true to the One Spirit and intended to uplift all of life.

It the golden sword that is used to separate reality from illusion.

In her left hand are the perfectly balanced twin trays of her scales. The two trays representing the dualism of life. Justice, perceptively, weighs all experiences on the scales, insisting on preserving a functioning balance of all opposites.

Justice is completely impartial and unbiased. She is neither for nor against.
Justice wants you to understand and work with dual facets of life, the spiritual and physical.
She teaches you to not to favor one above the other and to know that they must be equalized and harmonized. Favoring any one aspect of life over another may bring discord, unhappiness and some painful life lessons.

She is unconcerned whether you meet your challenges in life with success or failure. Her only concern is how well you meet the challenge from your heart with impeccability.

In working with Justice, you will need to accept your twofold nature. In other words, you are a spiritual being and you are a physical form. Your duality is necessary for the evolution of your awareness and as a spiritual being.

Justice will help you maintain balance in every area of your life. The key to this though, is you must listen to your heart. Justice will help you create—in fact requires—harmony between your heart and mind.

She also teaches you to take full responsibility for all aspects of your life—your decisions, actions and thoughts.

She guides you to understand the Universal law of cause and effect.

Justice’s secret lies in understanding how to bring about true change. You may desire a change in your life, but you need to realize true change begins in the heart. There must be a change of heart congruent with the mind and actions.

Then Justice will assist you in bringing balance to every action—physical, emotional and mental—in order to create harmony from the conflict that is held with the opposites.

All of life is based upon opposition: the opposites of the inner and outer and between spirit and form.

Justice knows that all of life grows and evolves with the mutual co-operation of counterparts.

Meditate with Justice. Let her help you balance all your actions, thoughts and feelings.

It is through the balance and the genuine understanding of the duality of life that true harmony is achieved.