Kicking these old friends to curb…

The project of creating a new website came to mind a little over a year ago.

Inspired and excited, I purchased a new domain name. One that I felt reflected the new programs and changes.   Next, I started working with new templates from a free website builder site.

All was going well, until my old friends—resistance and procrastination showed up. I may not have invited them in, but I didn’t insist they leave either. (Can you relate?)

Once they entered the picture, the new website, kept getting pushed further and further down on my to do list. I lost my inspiration, so it sat there stuck and heavy.

I came realize how these old friends sabotaged my vision, and the project, as they had done many times in the past.

Resistance started with started by saying “As soon as you do_____ this then you’ll work on the new site. Or it would whisper “this other thing is the priority”.

An oldie but goodie I heard was “you don’t have enough time to do this right now”. And one of its best “remember last time—it was nightmare”. Then procrastination added it’s two cents “OMG, it’s going to be so much work”. Why don’t you “wait until you find the right template. Finally, both teamed up with a litany of “I can’t because________________”. You can fill in the blank a multitude of other excuses.

After struggling with these old unwelcome friends, I decided I wanted to kick them to curb once and for all!

So, I asked myself was “how would my life feel if these two were no longer allowed to interfere in my life?

And how do to I transform this?

The answer came…clarity, clarity and more clarity!

Without clarity ideas and inspirations will remain nebulous and vague. They won’t ground in the physical. In other words, it won’t come to fruition or materialize.

The first clarity you need is what and why the resistance is all about. In this case, the thought of the amount of work in creating a new website felt overwhelming.

Dread and drudgery…

Then a small “aha” moment…

OMG–I’d have to do things I don’t like to do…lol. It’s okay, go ahead and laugh. I certainly laughed at myself when I saw that!

One of my challenges in this lifetime has been expressing myself through writing. So, it’s never been something I’ve enjoyed and usually is a struggle.

I felt the dread also from the past. Working with website designer always seemed to be frustrating and huge challenge. The project always took longer, been more expense and exhausting. Of course, filled with struggle.

Once you have the clarity surrounding the resistance, do what I did…laugh at it. Laughter is one of the fastest ways to shifts the energy. It’ll bring you more clarity. Laughing at myself, made me realize how much energy I’d been wasting and why I was having this experience. To which, I just laughed harder!

After that, the next clarity is needed. Clarity of the outcome. And that starts with purpose. Seeing the purpose is a key component to creating and manifesting. It is also how to break through resistance.

Ask yourself “What is the purpose of your vision?”

In my case the purpose was to focus on my new programs and services. And I wanted a fresh energy infused in the site.

You have to be able to see the purpose and outcome of what you want to manifest. Otherwise, you’ll have no reason to put the energy or action into it.

Vision and vision big! Take your time. Spend plenty of time with visioning and being clear of the purpose.

A word of caution here: Avoid asking how to do this during the visioning. That’ll only open a door for procrastination and resistance to waltz in again.

The next clarity you want is “why”. Why do you want it? This is not the same as seeing the purpose.

The “why” is your desire. Desire is fueled by heart energy. If you don’t have heart in what you want to manifest, again there won’t be the energy to get off the launching pad. Heart energy is rocket fuel for the action that leads to manifestation. It is heart energy that makes the impossible, possible.

Another important thing to be clear about is when to ask for help.

Asking for help seems to challenge for many, including me.

I broke through my resistance by deciding I was done with the struggle. I wanted an easy button and had to do something different.

That something different was to ask for help.

I see now that I used resistance and procrastination to avoid the struggle. An extremely laughable and negative way to do it-lol!

Of course, all it did was give me more struggle.

As with all negative patterns, you end up with the opposite of the thing you are trying to accomplish.

Finally, I got it and it am doing it differently. I used the power of purpose and desire, to help me move through the resistance into action.


I asked for help. First from the Universe Then from others.

I asked Stephanie, a brilliant web designer, and an amazing heart center person.

Then I asked another dear friend, Gaill, to help with the editing and proofing the content.   She’s is amazing and also heart center.   Wow, another easy button—A huge thanks to both of these amazing women!

And by refusing to let the past inform my future, I had a whole new experience with creating a website. It’s been fun, exciting and easy!

I’ve kicked resistance and procrastination to the curb. I intend to keep them there and no longer allow them to sabotage me.

If you’ve been looking for an easy button too, use clarity, purpose and heart and you’ll be amazed how easy things can be.