Toltec and Shamanic teachings

Shamanic Practitioner
Spiritual Coach
Toltec Numerologist

Diane is a shamanic energy practitioner, mentor and coach for the spirit and soul, and numerologist.
The beautiful and practical wisdom of these teachings, when applied in our modern day world, bring lasting transformation and a greater joy to life.

Spiritual Coaching

It has been said that a spiritual path is about remembering the real you. The real you is your true identity…a Soul having a human experience.

The purpose of remembering your true identity is to empower yourself so you can consciously participate in your spiritual evolution.

Before you were born your Soul had a plan and purpose for this lifetime. When aligned to your Soul’s intention you have access to an untold amount of joy, peace, clarity, and power.

The Shamanic and Toltec teachings offer a practical guide to living the life your Soul intended.

These ancient wisdom teachings are relevant and extremely valuable in today’s busy world. It is the pathway to personal freedom and empowerment.

Shamanic Energy Serivces

Release negative energy
and restore wellness

Retrieving missing parts of yourself that may have been lost due to trauma.

Overcome negative patterns, gaining clarity, remove stress and anxiety.

Journey through the

Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle

In this in-depth one-year program we have combined the ancient wisdom of the Q’ero lineage of Peru, Toltec teachings, and the knowledge passed down to Diane Hageman from Shaman and mystic John English as well as other teachers.

The process you will go through in our Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle and the techniques you will be taught are ancient wisdom that has been passed down for generations.

Medicine Wheel Mentorship Circle
Toltec Numerolgy

Learn what your Soul came here to learn

Toltec Numerology

Numerology is a very powerful tool for you to use on your path to understanding yourself and gaining self-awareness. With the study and use of Toltec numerology, you will learn about your purpose, your soul and yourself.